Who We Are

We Are a Dynamic, multicultural, multi-generational church in the Northern suburbs of the twin cities. North Springs Church is an international CHURCH made up of people from all backgrounds and every walk of life. It is a place where the Word of God is given first priority not only as the primary guide but where people are taught to believe the Word of God and to expect to see its effect on their lives and circumstances. The Word is taught prophetically and powerfully. It is taught in a practical and relevant manner, and in such a way that people align their values, attitudes and lifestyle to God’s kingdom. It is a place of restoration and refreshment. NSC is a home of great compassion, where people are drawn to find hope, answers and purpose. Our passion is to see people saved, healed, set free and made whole by the love and power of God. The tired and weary find refreshment.  Those who feel lost in the maze of life get restored to their God designed identity and destiny.